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The Portable ISeeIt Stand is perfect for around home, travel, at work, in the classroom, handcrafts or anywhere improved access to printed information or small detail is needed.  The possibilities are endless.  The Iseeit Stand holds your mobile device so you can have a steady, hands free platform for document viewing.  The Iseeit Stand is precision crafted and comes completely assembled. Phone/Tablet not included in purchase. 

Each ISEEIT Stand comes with a Metal Plate sized for a tablet & phone. Each Metal Plate has adhesive with peel away backing. Peel the backing off and place Metal Plate on a suitable location on your device or behind your case directly to your device. Ensure Metal Plate does not cover your device’s camera. Powerful magnets on the ISEEIT Stand’s support arm can now keep your device stable and secure while using your ISEEIT Stand.


Special Suggestion : Metal plate may disable wireless charging, if you stick plate on the back of the phone/case, suggest taking the case off when use wireless charging.


  • – 360 degree positioning of mobile device for maximum viewing versatility

    – 12” riser enables full document viewing and maximum magnification  

    – Run power cables and HDMI MHL cables through included cable management system to keep your device continuously powered, casting and your work area tidy

    – Detachable riser makes your ISeeIt stand portable so you can use it anywhere

    – Simple and easy to use


    -1 Durable 16 gauge (1/8") powdered coated steel base with non-scratch bottom

    -1 removable 1” x 1” x11 3/4’ hand crafted anodized aluminum riser with machined height adjustment slot

    -1 adjustable 3/16” thick lightweight support arm with 4, 16lbs pull magnets

    -1 Velcro cable management wrap

    -1 3” x 2” (phones) or optional 2"x7" (Tablets) metal strip with adhesive for applying to back of mobile phone

    -1 Hand assembled and tested easy grip support arm positioning adjustor knob

    -Quick start guide

    -12-month warranty

    -Free Iseeit App for Android- down load from the Google Play Store

  • Overall Width x Height x Depth- 6.0" x 12" x 6"

    Height Adjustment Range for Support Arm- 7 1/4” x 13 3/4”

    Base Diameter- 6” x 6” x 1/8"

    Riser Width x Height x Depth-1” x12” x 1”

    Total Weight- 1lbs

    Material- Steel, Aluminum

    Placement Style- Counter / Tabletop/ Desktop

    Orientation- Portrait, Landscape

    Features- Collapsible, Portable, Rotating, Adjustable Height

    Color- Black, Aluminum

    Thickness- Steel base 16 gauge (1/8")

    Maximum Device Width- 7.25"

    Max. Device Length x Depth- 12.25” x .25”

    Maximum Device Weight- 1.89Lbs

    Compatible Devices- all mobile devices that do not exceed maximum weight, width and length

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