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Duex Plus
Portable Monitor

The design is great! The monitor is super easy to use, as soon as you plug it into your laptop it automatically pulls up a separate screen for you to drag tabs over to. My favorite feature is that it is compatible with Mac or Windows. I mainly use the DUEX Plus when I'm studying for classes, one monitor for the textbook and another for my notes. Overall this is a great product and I would highly recommend it, especially for college students. - Angel B., College Student

World Class Monitor For Ergonomic Comfort and Various Scenarios

You'll find how versatile the sliding lid is to satisfy multiple purposes. As a protective cover when the monitor is not in use, a mount that magnetically attaches to the back of laptop, also a prop stand in portrait mode. Allows from horizontal contents to vertical usage, basically four display modes.

collage of Duex Plus in different configurations as well as some technical specs, Details can be found in product description
Duex Plus in Portrait Mode
Duex plus in landscape mode
Duex Plus in Presentation mode


The flexible mounting system and auto-orientation sensor allows you to seamlessly switch between the left-side setup and the right side setup. 



How can I use a DUEX Plus monitor as a second screen? 

Simply plug the DUEX monitor into the computer and it will automatically become a second screen (additional driver software is required if the DUEX is not automatically recognized).


For which inch laptop is the DUEX Plus compatible? 

The DUEX Plus is compatible with any laptop screen size. However for smaller laptops (11” and under), the DUEX Plus will not be able to attach to the laptop and a separate kickstand will be required. 


Can I split a computer screen with the DUEX Plus monitor? 

Yes. Once the DUEX Plus is plugged in and working as an additional monitor you can change the display settings on your computer to split screen with the DUEX Plus. 


Does the second display slow down the computer? 

No, unless you are performing intensive graphical processes (gaming, streaming, video editing) on more than one monitor at the same time. 

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