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Electrical Lockout Kit

SKILCRAFT® Electrical lockout kit provides a convenient assortment of locks, hasps and devices for on-the-job maintenance packed in a portable fabric pouch. Kit components may include: one (1) package of Do Not Operate Lockout Tags, one (1) Lockout Hasp 1" with tabs, two (2) Safety Padlocks with 1.5" Shackle, one (1) Small Lockout Plug, one (1) Large Lockout Plug, one (1) Wall Switch Lockout, one (1) Circuit Breaker Lockout Set with 5 micro breakers, one (1) 4-way Fuse Blocker, one (1) 2-way Fuse Blocker, three (3) clamps and ten (10) Cable Ties

Electrical Lockout Kit

SKU: 5340-00-NIB-0413
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