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Spring Cleaning and SKILCRAFT Self-Stick Notes

If you live in Rochester, NY or have ever visited our beautiful city between the months of October and May you know that winters here can be long and cold. Well, it’s May 3rd, I’ve seen the sun a few time and it’s even hit the 70 degree mark already! That means it’s time to open some windows, start packing away the heavy sweaters and give the house a good cleaning. After 7 long months of cold the thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you need to pack away? What needs to be removed from storage? When can I actually get outside to enjoy this warmth I’ve been hearing about?

Well, you’re in luck because has self-stick notes to help you get organized and create a list of action items to prioritize your spring cleaning tasks. Use a notebook and write each day of the week as a heading and use our multi-color packs of self-stick notes to write down your tasks to break up your cleaning into daily action items. When you’ve completed your action item, simply remove your self-stick note and toss it out. You can also use our self-stick notes to label bins as “donate”, “sell” and “keep”. If all you have to do is toss something in a pile, it’s easy to get rid of the clutter in a room. Now that your cleaning is done you can get out of the house and donate your softly used goods to one of our Goodwill of the Finger Lakes drop off locations. By donating to our agency and purchasing our manufactured goods you’re helping to change lives in a big way.

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