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SKILCRAFT Mobile Pixels

Mobile Pixels is one of the leading manufacturers of portable laptop monitors. In January of 2021 we contacted them to discuss how we may be able to partner to bring these world class monitors to the government market while creating employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. By May 2021 we were approved for a co-brand partnership by the AbilityOne Commission. We worked directly with Mobile Pixels to determine which monitor version would be most suitable for the government channel and presented the product details to DLA Troop Support for sponsorship. By February 2022 our SKILCRAFT Mobile Pixels Portable Secondary Laptop Monitor was officially added to the AbilityOne Procurement List and is now available for purchase by government employees. Our Goodwill of the Finger Lakes team members who are blind are receiving all of the components included in the Portable Monitor offering and packaging them into the final retail kit. This includes a SKILCRAFT branded cable wrap which is sewn by the Goodwill of the Finger Lakes sewing department. Thanks to this partnership federal employees have access to a portable secondary laptop monitor that will allow them to maintain their production when traveling or working from home. It also allows those who split their time between working from home and working in the office to utilize the same computer without needing to sacrifice their working space. Versions of the portable laptops are already being used by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol as well as the Department of the Army.

While the SKILCRAFT Mobile Pixels version of the portable laptop monitor are not currently available for commercial sales you can visit to purchase other Mobile Pixels Portable Monitors. You can also learn more about the SKILCRAFT Mobile Pixel Portable Laptop Monitors and how your company can work with Goodwill of the Finger Lakes to bring products to the government channel AND create new jobs for individuals who are blind by visiting

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