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ISEEIT Workshop

Exciting day at Goodwill Vision Enterprises as adopters of the newest assistive product, the ISEEIT Stand, participate in a hands-on workshop to learn all of the dynamic capabilities of this affordable and versatile product. The affordable, portable ISEEIT Stand was invented here at Goodwill Vision Enterprises with the expert guidance from our colleagues who are visually impaired. The ISEEIT Stand is a portable, affordable, hands-free mobile device stand created for people with low vision by people with low vision

The ISEEIT Stand can be adjusted into numerous configurations quickly and easily to securely hold your device at the perfect angle to magnify a document or object for viewing. Use the ISEEIT Stand to create an affordable Video Magnifier; Desktop Video Magnifiers can cost thousands of dollars. Save money by using the ISEEIT STAND and connect your phone/tablet to your desktop monitor, laptop or TV for a quality CCTV/Video Magnifier wherever you go. Learn more about this breakthrough assistive product at

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