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ISEEIT & Mobile Pixels

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Mobile Pixel Portable monitors are the perfect companion for anyone working from home or on the go. Adding a second working monitor to your laptop gives you the ability to double your productivity whether you’re a professional or a student. We’ve have been lucky enough to partner with Mobile Pixels enabling us to offer their portable monitors through What’s more exciting is that we’ve been approved by GSA and the AbilityOne commission to co-brand with Mobile Pixels and offer their newest portable monitor to the federal market. Our blind and visually impaired co-workers will be packaging all of the components of the DUEX Max portable monitor at our Rochester, NY location and we will be selling these monitors as Mobile Pixel / SKILCRAFT Portable Laptop Monitors. As soon as we have our production area up and running we will also be offering this version of the Mobile Pixel / SKILCRAFT monitor on so you too can purchase an amazing product while supporting our agency’s mission to provide opportunities for people with barriers to independence.

After we officially started working with Mobile Pixels in 2021 we discovered that their monitors can have an even greater impact than just increasing productivity. When used alongside of our patented ISEEIT Stand you can create a portable and more affordable video magnifier! Simply attach your mobile device to the ISEEIT Stand and connect your device to the USB-C port of the portable monitor and you have standalone video magnifier small enough to use on an airplane beverage tray. Even better, attach the Portable Monitor to your laptop and you can completely transform your participation and productivity in a meeting or the classroom. Mobile Pixel and ISEEIT, portable assistive technology encouraging independence.

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