Duex Plus
Portable Monitor

The design is great! The monitor is super easy to use, as soon as you plug it into your laptop it automatically pulls up a separate screen for you to drag tabs over to. My favorite feature is that it is compatible with Mac or Windows. I mainly use the DUEX Plus when I'm studying for classes, one monitor for the textbook and another for my notes. Overall this is a great product and I would highly recommend it, especially for college students. - Angel B., College Student

World Class Monitor For Ergonomic Comfort and Various Scenarios

You'll find how versatile the sliding lid is to satisfy multiple purposes. As a protective cover when the monitor is not in use, a mount that magnetically attaches to the back of laptop, also a prop stand in portrait mode. Allows from horizontal contents to vertical usage, basically four display modes.

Duex Plus configs.jpg
DUEX Plus Portrait_edited.jpg
Duex Plus full Laptop.jpg
Duex Plus Presentation.jpg


The flexible mounting system and auto-orientation sensor allows you to seamlessly switch between the left-side setup and the right side setup.